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We have seen it all now. He stood before us all, he and his entire family showed the amazingly bizarre features of that diabolic eugenics experiment known as the “Trumps”. We have seen the dawn of a Trumps America. We’ve heard the commentary but what this writer has not heard yet is an acknowledgement of our new fearful reality.

A president was elected with more opposition then support among American citizens. I had thought that could never happen? I identify the many previous years of 49 to 50% decisions as proof that the victor has historically won a majority. Trump was elected with 46% of the popular vote to Clinton’s 48%. We all know the criminal electoral college circumvents democracy. Placing Trump at 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232 electoral votes. It’s all very disturbing. My real question is did the establishment parties who collaborated to elect Trump anticipate such a mobilizing opposition?

Leadership has many members on its team. strategists, sociologists, political theorists. It’s appalling that they would promote an agent of the highest office that was this unacceptable. I continue to examine electoral politics which produce winners at the expense of losers. that is to say that i mean, often opposition is markedly sterile, opposition is promoted only to manufacture the consent for the true establishment choice. The field of republican potential presidents was so wide, this was done to help you see Trump as the only choice.

Bernie was designed to mobilize the left wing of the democratic part toward Hillary who was the centrist candidate. What the party almost failed to do was produce a Hillary victory. Therefore the Democratic party was marked with scandal and obfuscation. Bernie should have won and become president based on popular vote, and it would have been a mote competitive electoral college victory as well.

But I suggest that this was not the plan. all along the way, the failings of republican candidates forcing your eye to Trumps good side. The Dive taken by Bernie, and now the total disappearance act of Hillary are all evidence that the only intentional candidate was Trump, with this theory in place we have to ask ourselves, didn’t the powerful expect opposition? Or do they undermine the people that much?

While the masses gather coast to coast and around the world,to express absolute disdain not just for the new president but for the process for which they seem to still be wrapping their head’s around. however, the people deserve the credit for as the process continues don this road away from democracy, the opposition will get stronger and louder until the bubble bursts. What the powerful have caused this election is the reestablishing of the struggle for all human right. The struggle of good against evil, the struggle of love over hate. How can you pick a man who has more opposition then support and ask people to follow him?  If you believed we had a race war on our hands with Obama, get read for real systematic warfare against the people, economic warfare, social warfare, the threat of conformity. Yet as always in the face of all this, will be the greatest opposition of them all, Love and Tolerance, Acceptance and Peace. Which side are you on?



On July 29th more than 100 People Gathered at the Peoria Pizza and Works on Prospect Rd in Peoria Heights, to celebrate the Presidential Campaign Kick off of Candidate Bernie Sanders. Citizens from across the tri county area enjoyed the atmosphere and witnessed the live broadcast, transmitted online, of candidate Sanders’ Campaign Kickoff Speech. The National Campaign organizers provided detailed instructions and material to grassroot organizers across the country to ensure that more than 100,000 people could watch the kickoff speech. Nationwide people gathered in homes, and public spaces. In Peoria more than 100 people gathered at Peoria Pizza and Works.
The event lasted two hours and the foundation was laid for local campaign organizing. Organizers intend to register people to vote and campaign for Bernie Sanders for President in 2016.

According to Local Leadership, the campaign organizers have some momentum and some direction. As of now (August 7th), The leadership and volunteers plan to hold an informational booth, September 4-5th at the Illinois Blues Festival. As well as, group participation in the Peoria’s Labor Day Parade, September 7th. Numerous planning meetings are scheduled between now and then. for more information and how you can get involved send a message to .

LGILCapitolAs a Government Shutdown looms, Rauner and Madigan butt heads. July 1st is the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year. State House Democrats cannot pass a budget that governor Rauner will sign. In response Democrats, led by Speaker of the House Madigan, are planning to present a Temporary Budget to fund the state for one month. Rauner has vowed to sign nothing but a deficit cutting full 2016 budget. Madigan’s temporary $2.26 Billion budget for the month of July would fund Medicaid, corrections, state police and child care.

Rauner’s double speak is suspicious, in the same breath he is determined to bring deficit spending under control despite the costs, by vetoing every legislative budget; all while vowing to keep the fifth-largest U.S. state operating in the absence of an enacted spending plan. In a statement on Tuesday Rauner said, the state employees will be paid no matter how the legislative process concludes. This has left Attorney General Lisa Madigan scratching her head debating the constitutionality of continuing state operations without an active budget.

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Today (June 29, 2015) President Obama Signed a bill into law known officially as the Trade Promotion Authority, A.K.A ‘Fast-Track’. Obama along with Republicans campaigned congressional democrats, for over a year, to pass legislation on the Trans Pacific Partnership. Congress has granted the President and future Presidents unprecedented and unconstitutional powers, legislation which President Obama has since signed into law. This new legislation has people concerned with congress’s future role in global Trade, considering they just waived their future participation, moving vital decision making further away from the will of the citizenry. This legislation places new rules on congress when a trade deal originates from the white house and makes its way through the two houses of congress. With this as law, both houses of congress are revoked of their amendment and filibuster process capabilities. Along the process of legislation, congress men in women from congressional committees provide review of legislation, including offering amendments. Filibuster is a process found only in the senate (Since the House has strict rules) in which a senator prevents a decision from being made while the body is in session, by essentially wasting time.. Read More


Our Society is changing. The Supreme Court of the United States recently upheld something that would have been unthinkable 60 years ago, homosexual marriage. The United States has now, a form of advanced healthcare, albeit a bad one, but we are closer to an advanced Democracy than we have ever been before. Thanks to advances in information technology mankind is more connected than ever before. Yet we are still very much divided. Perhaps the divisions are highlighted, once quiet elephants in the room explode on twitter feeds and facebook walls. Media has been transformed.

We have come a long way from the dark days of early modern life at the turn of the century. Without comparing and contrasting electoral systems across the globe it is fair to say we have a limited Democracy. Electoral Finance has down shifted our democratic progress to a snail’s pace. More and more people feel that their vote doesn’t matter. Every four, or two years depending on how much you’re paying attention to the election cycle, offers a grim pool of candidates. Candidates who care less about explaining their positions on real issues and more about false pretense, promoting pseudo arguments and propagating ignorance. Read More

LGILCapitolRecently, Governor Rauner vetoed the legislature’s budget proposal. This is much to the dismay of State House Democrats who are seeking the planned steady rise in state tax revenue that a defeated Quinn would have insured. Rauner vetoed the budget proposal due to its $4 Billion Dollar defect spending. Rauner ran a campaign of Austerity and the promise of fiscal conservancy.

Will Rauner live up to his promise, even if that implies under funding public schools and colleges, public health, child care? Will he bring austerity despite it’s deteriorating affects to the public welfare?

We shall see!

All eyes are on Springfield as the budget deadline approaches, Wednesday June 1st, 2015.

Summary: Capitalism forces different cultures to cooperate in a market place of cultural products. But what happens when a culture can not be made to cooperate? What sorts of cultures are excluded from our capitalist society? what cultures are swept under the rug by the social normative qualities of capitalism?

ECONOMIC INEQUALITY! it’s in the News. Ferguson, Missouri is the stage. On display are the cultural and economic tensions of our divided America. how did we become divided? Capitalism. which coincidentally also unities us, it’s a social paradox. Capitalism provides us with choices. Our capitalist economy also produces concentrations of wealth. You may be asking, where in our society does wealth become concentrated? in Banks? Well, our society is made of cultures, and wealth can become concentrated in a culture. The United States, as well as all nations, through normative social practices attempt to equalize a society of MANY different cultures toward a society of ONE culture.  We can see these social normative practices exhibited in a variety of areas. Social institutions such as Education, Consumption, Entertainment, the Political system, and more. Not to mention the fact that, our capitalist money, has a saying inscribed on it, “E Pluribus Unum”, which means “Out of many, One”. Read More