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We have seen it all now. He stood before us all, he and his entire family showed the amazingly bizarre features of that diabolic eugenics experiment known as the “Trumps”. We have seen the dawn of a Trumps America. We’ve heard the commentary but what this writer has not heard yet is an acknowledgement of our new fearful reality.

A president was elected with more opposition then support among American citizens. I had thought that could never happen? I identify the many previous years of 49 to 50% decisions as proof that the victor has historically won a majority. Trump was elected with 46% of the popular vote to Clinton’s 48%. We all know the criminal electoral college circumvents democracy. Placing Trump at 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232 electoral votes. It’s all very disturbing. My real question is did the establishment parties who collaborated to elect Trump anticipate such a mobilizing opposition?

Leadership has many members on its team. strategists, sociologists, political theorists. It’s appalling that they would promote an agent of the highest office that was this unacceptable. I continue to examine electoral politics which produce winners at the expense of losers. that is to say that i mean, often opposition is markedly sterile, opposition is promoted only to manufacture the consent for the true establishment choice. The field of republican potential presidents was so wide, this was done to help you see Trump as the only choice.

Bernie was designed to mobilize the left wing of the democratic part toward Hillary who was the centrist candidate. What the party almost failed to do was produce a Hillary victory. Therefore the Democratic party was marked with scandal and obfuscation. Bernie should have won and become president based on popular vote, and it would have been a mote competitive electoral college victory as well.

But I suggest that this was not the plan. all along the way, the failings of republican candidates forcing your eye to Trumps good side. The Dive taken by Bernie, and now the total disappearance act of Hillary are all evidence that the only intentional candidate was Trump, with this theory in place we have to ask ourselves, didn’t the powerful expect opposition? Or do they undermine the people that much?

While the masses gather coast to coast and around the world,to express absolute disdain not just for the new president but for the process for which they seem to still be wrapping their head’s around. however, the people deserve the credit for as the process continues don this road away from democracy, the opposition will get stronger and louder until the bubble bursts. What the powerful have caused this election is the reestablishing of the struggle for all human right. The struggle of good against evil, the struggle of love over hate. How can you pick a man who has more opposition then support and ask people to follow him?  If you believed we had a race war on our hands with Obama, get read for real systematic warfare against the people, economic warfare, social warfare, the threat of conformity. Yet as always in the face of all this, will be the greatest opposition of them all, Love and Tolerance, Acceptance and Peace. Which side are you on?


America, What the Fuck?

How many times have we seen a vertical cell phone camera video of an innocent dude getting killed by police? How much shit do we have to take? Ho much bull shit do these candidates have to spew from the cesspool that is a mouth, before we burn this mutha fucka down?  What is it gonna take before we turn our backs on an old media that tells lies, on old employers that exploit, on old relationships that fail to nurture? We have the capacity to build an alternative.

Social networks, real in person social networks. I for one am sick and tired of life in this community. I want LIFE! I want FREEDOM! This is not at all what I intended. Where are the good jobs, I want a job that liberates!  I plan to really open myself up. I’m sick and tired of living up to expectations. I want to roam free. I want to live on the edge. I want new. I want transformational experience. I am living a nightmare and I want to wake up. Can I believe this is the way of life now? what have I become? what have we become? Does an alternative exist? who’s living it?

Let’s start a business, Let’s Dream something no one else can dream!

Set a date to make love at sunrise, whatever liberates!

Have high expectations and live up to them.

Discard anything that doesn’t set you free!

Look for your niche and own it!

Define yourself Through off the labels!

If you can dream it you can do it! make a plan and work that plan until you have come to where you want to be!

If it scares you and keeps you up at nigh, and you will not be satisfied until you have overcome, then by God you must begin the process of overcoming, not later or someday but today!

What is going to make you happy?

Summary: Since 1995, police have been receiving federally funded Defense Department Equipment. This exchange seems to violate the Posse Comitatus act of 1878 and 1981. Local municipal and state police agencies are being outfitted with armaments and equipment used to invade and colonize foreign nations. These attacks on our citizenship and rights are gross and unjustified. 

 IN THE NEWS WE SEE RIOT POLICE, and mass protests around the modern western world, from the world cup to most recently Ferguson, Missouri, USA. The militarization of state and local police is not a coincidence. What began in 1995 with the creation of the Defense Agencies Law Enforcement Support Office, blew up in 2001 as a product of “the war on terror”; federal resources have “trickled down” to state and local law enforcement departments like never before.

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This is one of many examinations of Labor and human satisfaction, brought to you by Critical Provocation all this month of April – in honor of spring. We set out to examin the working lives of our brothers and sisters around the world. Please look for future articles examining everything from access to health care and education around the world, to the United Nationas annual Human Development Index.

We begin with working lives around the globe. 

How often do you work? In the Untied States we spend on Average 34.4 hours a week on our “main job”. This is according to the OECD, The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The U.S Ranks 16th longest work week. Mexico is first with 42.85 hours per week and Germany came last at 36th place for shortest work week of 26.37 hours worked per week.
What does this mean?
The United States Leads the World in GDP (Gross Domestic Product), which is the monetary value of all goods and services produced within a nation’s boarders per year. Our GDP is almost 18 Million dollars, Mexico ranks 15th with a GDP of 1 million. While Germany is ranked 4th with a 4 million dollar GDP.
Mexican workers work longer hours per week and produce a smaller GDP. while Germans work the shortest and produce more. We work 37 hours per week on average and produce the most.
This raises questions:
Should we assume these statistics are positively correlated? If not, what metric should we use?
Does hours worked per week positively correlate to gross domestic product?
In the U.S. workers only work 4 hours less then the longest working Mexicans, who work on average 42 hours per week. We work less and produce 17 million more per year in goods and services. We owe something to our nation’s size and our population, we have many more people working 4 hours less  per week then Mexico.
The U.S has a population of 318 million, Mexico 122 million and Germany which is the smallest geographically and whose workers work the least has 80 million.
A positive correlation does not exist between GDP and Average Hours worked per week alone. Other Factors need to be taken into account.

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