The founding author of Critical Provocation is an underemployed college graduate who began his educational career as a high school drop out. Graduating from Illinois State University, he studied political science and civic engagement. After serving in the Americorps he now writes, follows current events and works two part time jobs in the central Illinois area. At Critical Provocation you will find current event analysis, and provoking thoughts on daily life in the United States, critical examinations of how public policy impacts daily life and reform efforts.

Devoted to the underdog, a Champion of the weak. This author is rooting for you. Though the world may have your back against the ropes. We may be suffering so many indignities, but what can never be taken from us is our thirst for knowledge and the truth. Despite the media men, the shopping center or any of the many road blocks along the way. Keep the search alive and never waiver in the pursuit.

“Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living” – Mother Jones.


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