An Alternative

America, What the Fuck?

How many times have we seen a vertical cell phone camera video of an innocent dude getting killed by police? How much shit do we have to take? Ho much bull shit do these candidates have to spew from the cesspool that is a mouth, before we burn this mutha fucka down?  What is it gonna take before we turn our backs on an old media that tells lies, on old employers that exploit, on old relationships that fail to nurture? We have the capacity to build an alternative.

Social networks, real in person social networks. I for one am sick and tired of life in this community. I want LIFE! I want FREEDOM! This is not at all what I intended. Where are the good jobs, I want a job that liberates!  I plan to really open myself up. I’m sick and tired of living up to expectations. I want to roam free. I want to live on the edge. I want new. I want transformational experience. I am living a nightmare and I want to wake up. Can I believe this is the way of life now? what have I become? what have we become? Does an alternative exist? who’s living it?

Let’s start a business, Let’s Dream something no one else can dream!

Set a date to make love at sunrise, whatever liberates!

Have high expectations and live up to them.

Discard anything that doesn’t set you free!

Look for your niche and own it!

Define yourself Through off the labels!

If you can dream it you can do it! make a plan and work that plan until you have come to where you want to be!

If it scares you and keeps you up at nigh, and you will not be satisfied until you have overcome, then by God you must begin the process of overcoming, not later or someday but today!

What is going to make you happy?


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