Central Illinois Bernie Sanders Campaign Kick Off in Peoria!


On July 29th more than 100 People Gathered at the Peoria Pizza and Works on Prospect Rd in Peoria Heights, to celebrate the Presidential Campaign Kick off of Candidate Bernie Sanders. Citizens from across the tri county area enjoyed the atmosphere and witnessed the live broadcast, transmitted online, of candidate Sanders’ Campaign Kickoff Speech. The National Campaign organizers provided detailed instructions and material to grassroot organizers across the country to ensure that more than 100,000 people could watch the kickoff speech. Nationwide people gathered in homes, and public spaces. In Peoria more than 100 people gathered at Peoria Pizza and Works.
The event lasted two hours and the foundation was laid for local campaign organizing. Organizers intend to register people to vote and campaign for Bernie Sanders for President in 2016.

According to Local Leadership, the campaign organizers have some momentum and some direction. As of now (August 7th), The leadership and volunteers plan to hold an informational booth, September 4-5th at the Illinois Blues Festival. As well as, group participation in the Peoria’s Labor Day Parade, September 7th. Numerous planning meetings are scheduled between now and then. for more information and how you can get involved send a message to centralillinois4bernie2016@gmail.com .


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