Light Greets us in the Morning, and Joy is sure to Follow.


Our Society is changing. The Supreme Court of the United States recently upheld something that would have been unthinkable 60 years ago, homosexual marriage. The United States has now, a form of advanced healthcare, albeit a bad one, but we are closer to an advanced Democracy than we have ever been before. Thanks to advances in information technology mankind is more connected than ever before. Yet we are still very much divided. Perhaps the divisions are highlighted, once quiet elephants in the room explode on twitter feeds and facebook walls. Media has been transformed.

We have come a long way from the dark days of early modern life at the turn of the century. Without comparing and contrasting electoral systems across the globe it is fair to say we have a limited Democracy. Electoral Finance has down shifted our democratic progress to a snail’s pace. More and more people feel that their vote doesn’t matter. Every four, or two years depending on how much you’re paying attention to the election cycle, offers a grim pool of candidates. Candidates who care less about explaining their positions on real issues and more about false pretense, promoting pseudo arguments and propagating ignorance.

Thus is the blight of America as we have created it. Corporate Socialism, or perhaps more identifiable as Corporate Fascism has come, projected on our TV screens draped in a flag and carrying a cross. The message this conqueror brings with her is instant gratification and faith in the market place. Marketing salvation from all that afflicts us, rendering citizens the mere client subjects to a system for profit. Its product – our obedience. While the right wing has grown into this devastating force, it has reunited the once fringe minority with its estranged mainstream base. So too has the left. Newton was more than a physicist. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The fringe left reuniting too with its estranged base, has come home to roost.

For decades he was the only independent candidate in the Senate. The man from Vermont soldered the cause of Democracy and Justice for all. In America today, we are once again face to face with those rare historical moments, moments that plot a course for our destiny. When great men rise to the call; affirming themselves against agents of destruction. Our great history is blessed by these men, whose names now are common, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Lincoln, Jefferson, King, and Gandhi. These affirming courageous men live on. Still countless others go unmentioned from every creed, color, continent and class. Representatives of the burning spirit of mankind crying out for release, they answer that cry. We are face to face with our modern moment; justice must prevail for our ship to be set right. The name soon to be common on the tongue of every man, woman and child is Bernie Sanders.

Please Consider giving to the Bernie Sanders Campaign


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