Summary: The educated are under employed and under paid while facing massive amounts of debt. Living in conditions of slavery, debt cripples our potential and locks graduates into jobs we don’t want, as a punishment for enriching our lives with Higher Education. But some groups are standing up against Corporate Higher Education. 

LIFE IN THE U.S. is hard work, this has never been more true than today. over qualified college graduates are competing for low income, low skilled service industry jobs. An industry which according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics is one of the fastest growing industries. This is due in part to crippling debt levels and high unemployment rates. College graduates are willing to work anywhere for any pay. With the highest average student debt hanging over their heads, they wonder why they studied political science, or art, even biology. Graduates today are facing an uphill battle their time and potential are slowly being devoured.

Some, however are standing up to this system that robes them blind rendering them just another over educated cog in the assembly line machine. The Debt Resisters are finding creative ways to overcome. Special Interest Groups and activist networks support one another and fight to create a more equatable society.  The Coalition against corporate higher education, out of Chicago, Illinois represents hundreds of students around the state in the fight for a just society.

This is just one of many grass roots groups whose mission it is to shed light on the crippling state of higher education.  Strike Debt is another. Making headlines in the past for it’s “rolling jubilee”, Strike Debt Actually pays students debt, peoples medical bills and other expenses the group sees as unacceptable punishments to situations that should otherwise be human rights.  With so many social ills raging around us, it can be hard to see the light, to see the good things in life. Enjoying positive community with others and standing up for what you believe in can be some of the best free things in life. Do what makes you happy. change the world in the process. Join these folks, join in solidarity!

Suggested Reading : Debt: The First 500 Years 


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